What do I need to get my car out of tow?

Requirements for Vehicle Release:

  • You must be the vehicle's registered owner and provide a valid I.D. If you are not, you must have a notarized letter from the vehicles' titled owner authorizing you to sign and obtain the vehicle release.
  • You must provide proof of ownership of the vehicle:
    • Vehicle Title; Memorandum Title or current insurance card with the vehicle identification 
    • Vehicle Registration (current)
  • Photo ID: Driver's License, State ID, temporary ID, or the actual citation ONLY if the driver's license is held by the police.
  • Tow release fee: $25.00 release fee (CASH ONLY )

If the proof ownership document has been left in the vehicle, it can be removed at the impound lot, but no other personal property can be removed until the release form has been obtained. Vehicles are towed to the following location: 

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