Recreation Commission Vacancy

There is a vacancy on the Recreation Commission.  One of the six members that is appointed by Village council has resigned, creating the vacancy.  Chapter 147 of the village’s Codified Ordinances describes in detail the duties and powers of a Commissioner.  That can be found in the link to Bratenahl’s Codified Ordinances found elsewhere on this website under Government.  Please review for more information.  As stated in Section 147.02 of that chapter:


147.02  PURPOSE             

The purpose of the Recreation commission shall be to provide and implement a complete recreation program for all residents of the Village, to foster the cause of the community and provide recreational opportunities for all residents, to promulgate the rules and regulations regarding such programs, and to provide for the daily management of Village lands and buildings designated by Council for recreational use.


If any resident is interested please contact the Mayor’s office:  Email: 
Office – 216-681-4266 Option #1.  Your information will be forwarded to the seated Commission members for consideration.